My First Post

December 4, 2009

There’s a ton of blogs out there that lecture about global warming and try to convince us to use eco-friendly lightbulbs, but I’m looking for a different edge to the whole “green” frenzy. You know those magazine articles that run alongside glamourous red-carpet pictures? You know. The ones titled “Get Their Look” where posh celebrity attire are found their cheaper couterparts. Magazines sift through department store catalogs to find a pair of shoes almost identical to a celeb’s pair of pricy pumps, and voilà! You get the look of the stars without spending more than twenty bucks!

While I can’t promise any such price limits, my goal is akin to magazine articles like these — to get the look without spending a fortune. So what if Leonardo DiCaprio just installed solar panels to his not-so-humble abode! With the help of my blog, you can become both Green and Trendy.