Ok so, you may not be dating a professional Canadian ice hockey player or be a famous country singer, but if you’re planning on getting engaged, you’ve got to read this. Oh, and I realize I haven’t written in months. Turns out, comparing green celebrities to real people like you and I is a little tough, but I’d like to think my little sabbatical is over. Alright, enough about me! This is about you, your fiancé, and going green. I never thought I’d be saying the words engagement and being ecofriendly in the same sentence, but it turns out, the two can go hand in hand.

They say the future is in the internet, and using the internet for weddings is no different. Customizing your own personal wedding web page is becoming more and more popular, and it’s pretty simple too! Evites, online cards, can help too. But hey, not everyone has internet access, and you definitely don’t want your grandmother missing out on your big day just because she doesn’t own a computer! And, Evites might be a little too casual for your wedding. So get this. Plantable paper. Botanical Paperworks has gone above and beyond recycled paper (which is a great alternative too!) and has created a paper that is not only made of 100% recyclable paper, but also virtually implanted with seeds! I say, forget the traditional double enveloped, fancy invitation, and give your guests an invitation they can use in their gardens!

Your Registry
While it’s pretty hard to top off plantable wedding invites, there are tons of other ways to make your engagement green. So, when you and your fiance are compiling a list of everything you could possibly want from Target, Macy’s, or whatever store(s) you choose, make sure the gifts are eco-friendly. Green appliances are easy to identify, and if you and your fiancé plan on minimizing your carbon footprints, getting the right appliances from the get go is the way to go.

And the list go on…
To my surprise, there’s a ton of other ways to have a green engagement. You can even buy green wedding rings! Planning your wedding outdoors to save energy, and buying a used wedding dress or one made of sustainable fabrics are also great ways to go green on your big day.

Ok, so we aren’t big celebrities. Our engagements won’t make the front page of the National Enquirer, but with a little planning, you too can get engaged in style! Getting engaged and planning your wedding day is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to harm the environment.


Cruise like Clooney

December 5, 2009

No folks. This is not a red rendition of the Batmobile. According to Tesla Motors, this hot Tesla Roadster can go 0-60 in less than six seconds. The catch? This hot rod is more than two times more efficient than a Prius. Starting at just over $100,000, this electric sports car uses about a gallon to every 120 miles! Alright, so it was a great buy for George Clooney who proudly owns other environmentally friendly cars, but $100,000 sounds more like lottery winnings — not the kind of cash we can afford to spend on the new family car.

The solution? Keep the minivan! By following a few simple steps, you’ll find yourself improving your mpg and filling up the tank less.

  • Don’t be aggressive. Accelerate slowly and avoid frequent breaking. Putting the pedal to the metal only results in burning more fuel and a speeding ticket.
  • According to FuelEconomy.gov, driving over 60 mph can actually decrease your car’s gas efficiency. The reason there is such a difference between city and highway fuel efficiency is because highways lack the frequent stop lights and stop-and-go traffic common to city streets — not because you’re speeding.
  • Think about what’s in your trunk right now. Do you need it? If not, you’re in luck because alleviating your car’s weight can increase your car’s efficiency. In fact, as reported by NH’s Department of Environmental Services, lightening your car’s weight load can result in enhancing your car’s fuel economy by two percent!

So, you don’t have a hundred grand in your wallet? No problem! You don’t have to be made of money to be able to drive in a fuel efficient car!

My First Post

December 4, 2009

There’s a ton of blogs out there that lecture about global warming and try to convince us to use eco-friendly lightbulbs, but I’m looking for a different edge to the whole “green” frenzy. You know those magazine articles that run alongside glamourous red-carpet pictures? You know. The ones titled “Get Their Look” where posh celebrity attire are found their cheaper couterparts. Magazines sift through department store catalogs to find a pair of shoes almost identical to a celeb’s pair of pricy pumps, and voilà! You get the look of the stars without spending more than twenty bucks!

While I can’t promise any such price limits, my goal is akin to magazine articles like these — to get the look without spending a fortune. So what if Leonardo DiCaprio just installed solar panels to his not-so-humble abode! With the help of my blog, you can become both Green and Trendy.